Mobility Myths

How overcoming the industries biggest mobility training mistakes

can make you stand out as an expert and grow your business

Hosted by
Glenn Phipps

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February 9th
13:00 AEDT

Here is What You'll Learn

Bust the 4 myths that are holding your clients back

Bust the myths that are stopping your clients from getting results and from you growing your list of raving fans

Break through the confusion

Learn why the Industry is so confused about how to train mobility and flexibility and what we can do about it

Learn about the worlds only Framework for programming Mobility and Flexibility

Imagine a plug and play system you could drop into your business to create mobility programs that retain clients and attract new ones. Here you'll learn all about it

Don't just put a mobility exercise into your workouts and programs, learn how to coach it

Stretching is a skill, and here you'll learn exactly what's needed to coach it. You'll even learn how to coach 3D stretches

Come up with a plan to grow your business

Having a strategy to program mobility has skyrocketed my business, and it can do the same for yours. Learn how to do it before everyone else does!

Gain the tools to stand out as an expert

Clients hire trainers they trust to answer questions and deliver results. Learn how to stand out as an expert amongst other trainers.


Glenn Phipps is an in-demand Exercise Physiologist, bent on creating change in the health and fitness industry, particularly in the area of Flexibility and Mobility. Through his Stretch Yourself Strong system he introduces the industry to the Worlds only model for progressively programming flexibility training. In his spare time he enjoys arguing with people and doing his best to ignore that he is no longer 20 years old.

He has worked with World Champions and elite athletes across a wide range of sports including Paralympians and travelling as head coach for the Australian Adaptive Surf Team. He has been involved in re-writing assessment and programming protocols for the Australian Army and SAS, been involved in fitness product development and appeared in media involving ESPN, FOX sports, magazines such as Men's Health, Men's Fitness, Womens Fitness and much more.

His course Stretch Yourself Strong has been accredited by AusActive and ESSA and will shortly be open for it's next intake. Keep an eye out for the Stretch Yourself Strong book later in the year

February 9th
13:00 AEDT